Welcome to my blog, Denis M. Garrison Poetry. I post here new and previously published poems, both formal and free verse, as well as essays, articles, discussions, and entire books and journals in PDF format. Most of my recent poetry is either haiku or tanka. Some poems are short verse using the Japanese short forms techniques as a departure point. My earlier work is more often blank or free verse, or is in other western poetic forms such as sonnets, triolets, cinquains, etc.. I hope you enjoy reading my verse and the occasional article on prosody and such matters. Because the accumulative front page with every post has become far too extensive to load quickly, I have switched to this static front page. Please use the top line tabs for entire books and journals, also for essays and articles. Click on “Categories” in the side-bar for particular forms, messages, etc. to navigate the site or, also in the side-bar, on “Search this Blog” for any topic or title. If you have a problem finding something, please feel free to email me at for assistance.


All pages have named tabs on the top line, right side; some tabs have sub-tabs for sub-pages. All pages and all posts include the navigational right side-bar where you will find SEARCH, CATEGORIES, and ARCHIVES functions.


• HOME TAB – Welcome and introduction to my blog. Navigating the blog.

• ABOUT/CONTACT TAB – Contact information and biographical sketch.

• BOOKS & JOURNALS TAB – Very brief introduction and covers of books.

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                descriptions of each book. Books are all PDF documents.

             •  READ OUR JOURNALS SUB-TAB – Links to all 26 issues of the posted
                journals plus some very brief Journal Notes. Journals are all PDF

• ESSAYS & ARTICLES – Chronological list of links to all my essays, articles,
                technical papers, and a few collaborative articles.


All posts can be found via the side-bar functions, Search this Blog, Major Categories, Monthly Archives.


Please visit my Denis M. Garrison – Poetry website. It includes more graphics and audio.

Denis M. Garrison

Denis M. Garrison

     – Denis M. Garrison


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