JANUARY — APRIL 2016 new poems

22 Apr

JANUARY — APRIL 2016 new poems. All were first published on Twitter.


outside my screen door ripe banana sun Mombasa


heart calm face warm mellow sun


playground brawl
kids’ angry voices —
election year


Savage Rainbow

By the infernal light of hellfire,
a savage rainbow grimly glowers.
Its charcoal ash is sapphire-tinted.
In its spreading port-wine stains
bulging amber veins pulse dully.
Through its dark and dismal arc,
whiskey-tainted winds gust and moan,
driving a sullen sleet of steaming tears.
These mordant hues are far too familiar.
The color of the ocean’s ageless lament,
the somber shades of the holocaust,
the awesome palette of pain
that mutters curses in the volcano’s mouth,
the bruised face of a killer storm cloud.
Our war flags, burnt and bloodied,
flap madly in endless gales of hellish hail.


A tongue is made to taste
and, having done, to tell.
The poet whose tongue is silent
has a special plot in hell.


trying so hard
to teach the new puppy
all the old dog’s tricks


from all their dens
one bear rises
this cruel spring


always there
behind the fragrances
the stench of death


face of beauty
joy and its shadows
always . . . always


that old ache
when a bright star dies
the night sky even darker

— On the death of the artist, Prince.



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