Over the years, I have written a number of essays and articles on various aspects of writing. Most are about poetry, more specifically, short verse. Since the turn of the century, my focus has been on haiku, tanka, and the American cinquain. Included are a few prosodic templates for cinquain, nautilus, etc., admittedly neither essay nor article. I have arranged the links below from the newest to the oldest on the premise that my latest works might be of greater interest. I hope you find these of interest. Please feel free to quote from them at any length without need for prior specific approval. All that I ask is for minimal attribution, e.g., “Denis M. Garrison, Baltimore, Maryland.” Note that some items are PDF files.


2016 – Haiku – Senryu Distinction A Twitter Conversation and a postscript. April 2016.

2016 – Templates for Tanka Variations [PDF file] Guidance on tanka form, line length and lineation.

2016 – American Cinquains and Some Variations – poems by Denis M. Garrison [PDF file] This is a compilation of the bulk of my published Cinquains. April 2016.

2016 – About the Modern English Tanka Press (MET Press) A brief article on the MET Press, blogged here in February 2016.

2015 – Discussion on haiku & tanka one-liners My compiled comments in a Twitter discussion blogged here in February 2015.

2009 – Definition of the ideal form of traditional tanka written in English by Amelia Fielden (Australia), Denis M. Garrison (USA), and Robert D. Wilson (The Philippines), with an appended commentary by Denis M. Garrison.

2009 – The New Short Lyric Poem in Magnapoets, July 2009.

2009 – In Praise of Books article in The Montserrat Review, April 2009.

2008 – Assimilation of the Ma Aesthetic Better Equips Western Poets to Write Haiku in Simply Haiku (Winter 2008).

2007 – Dreaming Room – An Editorial Essay in Modern English Tanka (Spring 2007).

2007 – Recommended Readings in Tanka Studies is a valuable resource for tanka poets. It was published in TANKA TEACHERS GUIDE, 2007.

2007 – Nautiluses and Fibonaccis First published on my personal poetry website, ShortVerse.

2006 – The Prosody of Cinquains in AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal 2006 Annual (November 2006).

2006 – Defining Tanka was first published online in 2006 at Tanka Central website. It was published in TANKA TEACHERS GUIDE, 2007.

2005 – The Cinqku [PDF file] May 2005. First published on my personal poetry website, ShortVerse. Includes my own cinqku poems.

2005 – Templates for Variety of Cinquains [PDF file] Includes guidance for the Crapsiean single cinquain and for mirror, butterfly, crown, and garland cinquains. 2005.

2002 – An Introduction to the American Cinquain in AMAZE: The Cinquain Journal (AMAZE #1, Spring & Summer 2002, Vol. 1, No. 1).

2001 – The Need for Experimentation: Haiku in English Published in World Haiku Review (Vol. 1, No. 2, August 2001), reprinted from Ku Nouveau 2001.

2001 – The Crystalline – A Haiku Couplet [PDF file] Published in World Haiku Review (Vol. 1, No. 2, August 2001), reprinted from Ku Nouveau 2001.

1974 – The Apollonian-Dionysian Paradox in the Modern Novel first published in Talisman (1974), Towson, Maryland, Towson State College (now Towson University).


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